Silver Springs Ruined by Florida Park Service

Silver Springs Park was one of the nations first national attractions and is home of the world famous Glass Bottom Boats.  It was owned by ABC Television from 1962 to 1984.   Movies such as Tarzan, Creature from the Black Lagoon, scenes from Legend and James Bond were filmed at Silver Springs.  It’s also where TV shows such as Sea Hunt was filmed.

Palace Entertainment had been managing Silver Springs & Wild Waters since 2002. Governor Rick Scott (Republican) let Palace Entertainment out of their contract in 2013 which was supposed to run until 2029.

As a result of Governor Scott letting Palace Entertainment out of their contract Silver Springs has been put under the control of bureaucrats from the Florida Park Service and Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  This has turned out to be a huge mistake for the people in central Florida.

Since the State of Florida & Florida Park Service took over Silver Springs park, we have suffered a considerable downgrade in services and entertainment.

They eliminated the small zoo, the animal shows, rides like the safari ride, boat rides, kids attractions and more. As a result, there is barely anything left worth going to Silver Springs to see.


Safari attraction removed by the Florida Park Service


Kids boat ride removed by the Florida Park Service


The Silver Springs Carousel, one of the attractions removed by the management of the Florida Park Service when they took over in 2013.


Rightous Brothers
(Photo of the Righteous Brothers at Silver Springs in 2003 a few months before singer Bobby Hatfield died)

Every year, we used to have fireworks and concerts at Silver Springs on the 4th of July. Since the State of Florida took over, there were no fireworks and no concert in 2014.


Above is a typical complaint about how Silver Springs is being managed now.

Here’s a link to a review posted by someone who feels  the same titled “They ruined it – review of Silver Springs

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Silver Springs has been Ruined by Florida Park Service