Ocala Star Banner: Fair and Balanced Reporting?

The Ocala Star Banner has printed articles about the Florida Park Service plans to close Wild Waters such as “Silver Springs Advisory Group Recommends Closing Wild Waters“ and “Wild Waters days are numbered” but nothing about how upset the public is about these plans, how over 3,000 people signed a petition to save Wild Waters, how Florida State officials are ignoring citizens and how democracy is being violated as described at wildwatersfans.com

Senior Editors and management at the Ocala Star Banner has been informed about this website & issues but so far, they have failed to do a story about the issues reported on this site.

It’s rather amazing that a story this big isn’t being reported by the  Ocala Star Banner considering how citizens rights have been violated by Florida State officials including forcing plans opposed by the public, refusal to allow a referendum on a public issue, State Advisory group violation of stated mission, conflict of interest, violation of neutrality, lack of representation and violations of Democracy.

It makes you wonder if there are efforts to keep this matter quiet so more people doesn’t find out how citizens rights are being violated in Florida.

It appears that other people have noticed bias in the Ocala Star Banner’s reporting.  In the article below, a writer to the editor accuses the Star Banner of being a “mouth-piece for the more conservative element of the community” and having “its own political agenda“.


This may explain why they are refusing to call out Florida State Officials for the lack of representation and violations of Democracy they have engaged in.

If you would like to call and/or write editors & reporters at the Banner and ask them why they haven’t done a story about issues regarding violations of citizens rights, here’s their contact info: http://.ocala.com/section/contactus

To help raise public awareness about Wild Waters, it would be very helpful if everyone would create articles and send them to “Letters to the editor” to Newspapers all over the state of Florida. You can use material from WildWatersFans website for your article. Details how to send a Letter to the editor at the the Ocala Star Banner are here – http://goo.gl/7udke9