No Democracy in Florida


This website contains evidence of how citizens rights have been violated by Florida State officials including forcing plans opposed by the public, refusal to allow a referendum on a public issue, official State Advisory group violation of stated mission, conflict of interest, violation of neutrality,  lack of representation, violations of Democracy and the Florida Attorney General’s office failing to respond to complaints about this matter.

Silver Springs Park in Silver Springs FL is one of the Nations first National Attractions and home of the world famous Glass Bottom Boats. It was owned by ABC Television from 1962 to 1984. Movies such as Tarzan, Creature from the Black Lagoon, scenes from Legend and James Bond were filmed at Silver Springs.

ABC Television built the sister park, Wild Waters in 1978. It’s not only one of the South’s first Water Parks, it’s one of the first Water Parks to use fiberglass slides. It provides over 60 summer jobs and is one of the few attractions we have in our area.

In 2014, Wild Waters was put under the control of Florida Park Service by Governor Rick Scott. Soon after, Florida State Park bureaucrats announced that they planned to close Wild Waters in 2016.

Eliminating Wild Waters has not been due to a lack of attendance, it’s because Florida State Park Bureaucrats wants to use the property for a more “Park Like Setting” and they don’t care what the public wants.

A petition was created and signed by over 3,400 people from all over the state of Florida, the United States and by members of our troops in the Mid East demanding that our Water Park be preserved.

Despite over 3,400 people signing a petition demanding that Wild Waters be preserved, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced that will be demolishing Wild Waters at the of the 2016 season.

In the video above, Silver Springs Park Manager Ms. Sally Lieb states; “You’ve got the State Park , the Greenway & trails, and there’s the huge national forests, so we want that corner to represent that and having the water park there doesn’t give anybody that feeling when their heading in that direction”.

That statement proves eliminating Wild Waters is what members of the Silver Springs Advisory Group and Park Service wants for their own personal, selfish reasons.

Eliminating our water park because “having the water park there doesn’t give anybody that feeling when their heading in that direction” is a selfish and inconsiderate excuse on the part of Florida State officials to denying thousands of people here in central Florida our Water Park.


Over 3,400 people signed a petition to save Wild Waters in Silver Springs Florida. Copies of petition and comments were sent to Governor Rick Scott…



Copies of petition and comments were sent to Mr. Donald Forgione, Director of Florida Park Service…

Sally Lieb

Copies of petition and comments were sent to Silver Springs Park Manager Sally Lieb…

Copies of petition and comments were sent to Republican House Majority Leader Mr. Steve Crisafulli, Republican Senate Majority Leader Ms. Lizbeth Benacquisto, Republican Representative Robert C. Schenck and the Ocala City Council.


Copies of petition and comments were sent to the Marion County Commissioners Mr. David Moore, Ms. Kathy Bryant, Mr. Carl Zalak, Mr. Earl Arnett and Mr. Stan McClain (all are Republicans).

Dorothy Hukill and Dennis K. Baxley

Letters were sent and calls made to Senator Dorothy Hukill and Representative Dennis K. Baxley (both are Republicans), who represent the Ocala area and there has been no acknowledgement or response from either of them.

Two separate complaints were filed to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (Republican) and the Florida Attorney General’s Office in January 2015 about citizens rights being violated and to date, there has been no response from Pam Bondi or the Florida Attorney General’s Office.


Several complaint letters were sent to Mr. Jon Steverson, Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection about all of the issues on this page and there has been no acknowledgement or response from him.

This is the same Department of Environmental Protection which was  accused of ordering employees not to use the terms “Climate Change“, “Global Warming” and “Sea Level Rise” as reported by  National TV Networks, Newspapers and by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting –

There hasn’t been ONE Florida State official respond to the petition and take action to uphold the will of Florida citizens.

This proves that there is NO Democracy in Florida and Florida State officials do not care what the citizens who they are supposed to be serving want.

Every person who has ignored the petition signed by over 3,000 people and has failed to respond to complaints regarding this matter has proven themselves to be grossly negligent, unworthy of public trust and unfit for office.

Florida government officials ignoring the wishes of the citizens of this state and refusing to let the people vote on keeping our Water Park goes against everything democracy is supposed to stand for.

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