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Rhesus Monkeys Trapped and Sold to Research Labs

According to a petition filed in 2013, wild monkeys living along the Silver River and Oklawaha River were being torn from their families and forest homes and sold to research and testing laboratories. The petition states “The monkeys have lived

No Fireworks at Silver Springs Park on the 4th of July

Every since I can remember, there was Fireworks and a concert at Silver Springs Park every year on the 4th of July. This year in 2014  thanks to Governor Rick Scott letting Palace Entertainment out of their contact early (which was

Silver Springs Advisory Group Members

The  Silver Springs Advisory Group recommend closing our Water Park, Wild Waters in Ocala, FL and failed to stand up for the the citizens in Central Florida. Click below to download the complete list of Silver Springs Advisory Group Members.

Letter to Katy Fenton about Wild Waters

Below is a copy of a letter sent to Ms. Katy Fenton from a Mom in Ocala Florida about Wild Waters which Katy Fenton ignored. A similar letter was sent to other members of the Silver Springs Advisory Group such as