Attorney Wanted

gavelAs taxpayers and citizens of the State of Florida, we are all part owners of Wild Waters and should have a majority say in what is done with it.

Our petition has been signed by over 3,400 people who want Wild Waters to remain open. The Advisory Group has not received ONE (1) signature in support of “phasing out Wild Waters”. They are trying cram what they want down the throats of the many citizens who want our Water Park to remain open from now on.

The Park service using the excuse that “having the water park there doesn’t give anybody that feeling when their heading in that direction” as stated by Silver Springs Park Manager Ms. Sally Lieb is not a valid reason to eliminate our Water Park.

On May 6th, 2014, we asked the Marion County Commissioners to put Wild Waters on the ballot so people could vote on making sure Wild Waters is preserved and the Marion County Commissioners ignored our request.

This is supposed to be a democracy.  The public overwhelming wants Wild Waters to be preserved and citizens wishes are not being represented. This goes against everything democracy is supposed to stand for.

Wild Waters belongs to the CITIZENS of Florida, therefore Governor Rick Scott and Florida State officials should be doing what the people wants.

Citizens rights have been violated by Florida State officials including forcing plans opposed by the public, refusal to allow a referendum on a public issue, official State Advisory group violation of stated mission, conflict of interest, violation of neutrality,  lack of representation, violations of Democracy and the Florida Attorney General’s office failing to respond to complaints about this matter.

Here’s several legal arguments regarding this matter;

  1. A request to allow a vote on keeping Wild Waters was ignored by the Marion County Commissioners.
  2. The Silver Springs Advisory Group has not represented the wishes of the citizens of Marion County.
  3. The citizens of Marion County are part owners of Wild Waters. We were not given a voice in what was done with it.
  4. The Silver Springs Advisory Group was supposed to best reflect the public’s ideas for Wild Waters future”.  The  Silver Springs Advisory violated it’s stated mission by failing toreflect the public’s ideas”.
  5. The Chairman of the Acquisition and Restoration Council was also a member of the Silver Springs Advisory Group, a clear conflict of interest.
  6. Over 3,400 people have signed a petition to keep Wild Waters. The Silver Springs Advisory Group has not received (1) signature or any support to eliminate it. Eliminating Wild Waters is against the will of the people and violate the principle of Democracy.

It’s time we SUE the State of Florida and make those responsible comply with citizens wishes and to make sure that under no conditions, Wild Waters is closed and demolished.

If Wild Waters is demolished, we should to SUE to make them re-build it exactly as it was.

Let’s not forget that Governor Rick Scott spent almost $100 million dollars to get himself re-elected. The least he can do is make sure our Water Park is preserved and restored for the families and children in our area.

We are therefore seeking an attorney who will represent the interests of Florida citizens who wish to preserve Wild Waters and use every legal means possible, including suing the State of Florida and using an injunction to prevent Wild Waters from being closed & demolished.

If you are an attorney who could donate some time for this worthy cause please contact us at:

If you have a friend or family member who is an attorney please let them know about this and ask them to contact us if they are interested.